Welcome to my new website!

Greetings one and all!

It’s an honor and privilege to welcome you to my new website(s).

Obviously my main website was ridiculously outdated and in need of a major overhaul. Took me awhile to catch up on the new and latest technologies floating around, but I managed to get up to speed and put it all together… Phew….!

I’m super excited though about this site,, because this means after soooooo many years of having this thing in the back of my mind, it is now fully realized, in some parts finished, and is now being presented to you all.

The music is something I’m extremely proud of, in that it is by far some of the best commercial writing I’ve done (my previous works aren’t really commercial per say) and the production and the consistency of everything is just what I wanted it to be: EPIC!

The tracks are heavy, beautiful, dark, catchy, and have both melodic guitar parts and the over the top pick melting histrionics we all know and love… DFZ style!

As for the comic.. Well, it’s nice to see my writing for that screenplay and concept not going to waste, I only wish I was able to do this sooner before the whole vampire craze got out of hand… People will assume that i’m trying to jump on the band wagon, but I had this idea 8 years ago.. and In all honesty, so did many others it seems, they just all beat me to it, as it were…

I’d hoped to do a graphic novel originally, but the amount of work for that, mixed with the amount of work I’m already doing, was just too much… So the comic approach is more realistic. It also gives me a chance to gauge everyones reactions to it (the story, the plot, the flow, etc) and see whether people are interested in this comic or not.

I’ve applied for the Comixiology beta testing, so hopefully I can soon get my comic online on the stores and get people reading it on their ipads via the App like I plan. The process itself though will take time. So I am thinking until then releasing a short 13 page comic every month via this site.

The first issue will be published on Monday, February the 13th, so mark that down on your calendars! Or better yet join up on my facebook page or any other social media sites, so I can contact you and keep you informed of things as they happen.

I want to thank you all sincerely for the support you’ve given.. It’s nice to know people are appreciating and loving my work, and I truly hope you all enjoy the sights and sounds of 2035, and that you’ll listen to the album for many years to come! Please spread the word, and help me make this thing get to what it should, I’m not giving up on this….



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